What are you shipping and return policies?

Check out the shipping and return pages for full information.


How do I wash my Roraima gear fleece sweater?

Hand washing or machine washing can be easily done with a GUPPYFRIEND bag and no additional changes are needed other than placing the garment into the bag before washing as normal. Line dry or toss into a dryer on low heat.

We recommend that all garments made from synthetic fabrics be washed with a GUPPYFRIEND bag. Why?

  • Synthetic fabrics contribute to microwaste in our oceans.
  • Get your GUPPY FRIEND bag here 


What are your current lead times?

Custom, handmade garments are currently taking 3-4 weeks to hand draft the pattern, cut, assemble, and prep for shipping. Please keep this in mind before ordering.


Why can't I just pick the size based on how much my dog weighs?

Dogs are different from individual to individual in personality and certainly in sizing. No two dogs are exactly alike. Custom garments ensure a great fit tailored to your dog's individual measurements without worrying that it will be too long, short, tight, or loose.


Do you do wholesale?

At this time wholesale is not available as each and every item is made-to-measure.