More Than Just Trendy Dog Gear

Roraima Gear makes dog gear made for the outdoors - whether that be the city or backcountry. But our story is more than just dog gear for the outdoors - each piece made is made from the ideals of the Slow Fashion movement.

It means that our gear is made very well, with purpose in mind throughout the entire production process. Our gear is made to last, and keeping our gear from being worn out means one less piece out of the landfill.  

We also keep our production process and packaging as cruelty-free, sustainable, and eco-friendly as possible. We only use recycled-recyclable packaging and encourage the use of a GUPPY FRIEND bag when washing our gear in a machine. We constantly are working on making our gear sustainable, ethical, and Slow as possible.  

Each sale includes a donation to rural rescue. We've partnered with Tuba City Humane Society  for our donation. They work to spay, neuter, and heart worm treat animals while also working within their community to change the culture of stray animals on the reservation.  




I'm Scarlet Aguilar-Martínez, designer and tailor based out of Norfolk, Virginia. 

Roraima Gear is inspired by the high quality garment construction techniques and materials one sees in human gear, but aimed for our dogs. Roraima Gear was born after I began hiking in my late twenties and found it hard to find gear that fit my smaller barrel shaped pug mix, Nacho. I have a family background in garment construction and decided to begin making gear for Nacho, and it eventually expanded to other dogs. 

Each piece is hand drafted from a pattern block, and every stage of the production process is done by one person, me. I aim to use the best quality materials out there, and this sometimes means handcrafting the component myself. 


Pawtagonia dog fleece sweater

NACHO - part beagle, part pug, 100% tweedle dingus

Nacho is the main driving force for making dog gear. As I began hiking I knew that I wouldn't do a hike if my little dude couldn't go. He loves being on a hike but tends to follow his nose too well, so he stays strictly on leash. He's 19lbs of fearless hiking adventure.